GNSS Announces New Tactical Aerostat
Designed for CH-47 Transportability

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (July 08, 2010) - Near Space Systems today announced the availability of its new lightweight aerostat, designed to be transported inside a CH-47 helicopter or transported by sling below the helicopter.  Though light in weight because of the extensive use of aluminum materials, the StarTower 100-30K boasts a robust 30,000 cubic feet volume lift envelope capable of lifting moderate size payloads while operating from high mountainous locations. 

GNSS has been developing this design for six months, though the Department of Defense just announced its interest in such a capability on May 18, 2010.  In an announcement by DoD Acquisition Tsar Ashton Carter, at a demonstration of the new Persistent Ground Surveillance System aerostat, Mr. Carter stated, "To make PGSS more deployable, DoD is pursuing a spiral development to make the PGSS’s 16,000 pound mooring station light enough to allow helicopter sling operations."  This is another example of GNSS being in the forefront of the field of aerostat development.  Not only can the GNSS StarTower 100-30K aerostat system be slung by a CH-47, but the pallet configuration of StarTower will also fit inside a CH-47 at less than one-third the weight of the current PGSS mooring station.  The StarTower aerostat is also 5,000 cubic feet larger than its competitor PGSS aerostat, providing substantially more lift capability than the PGSS aerostat. 

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