Governmental Applications


Near Space is the ideal place from which to conduct surveillance activities—for example, providing persistent and accurate monitoring of nuclear and WMD activities in rogue states, locating Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), and surveillance of suspected terrorist strongholds—all at a fraction of taxpayer expense and without using petroleum-based fuels.


Border Security

Near Space can provide around-the-clock border surveillance, providing critical security information to the U.S. Border Patrol—while operating above the weather and airplane traffic, and without impacting the environment.


Disaster Response

Near Space provides the organizations like FEMA and The Red Cross a highly effective vantage point from which to control evacuations, provide communications for emergency responders before, during and after the event, and support rescue and cleanup operations—regardless of location.


Climate Change & the Environment

The EPA, NOAA and other organizations can accurately monitor, measure and manage our environment with sensors operating in Near Space—using only green energy sources. Real-time environmental data on air quality, water quality and habitat can identify changes and help avert environmental disasters.