About NSS and StarShadow

New! StarShadow Video released 14 November, 2013

Near Space Systems, Inc. (also dba Global Near Space Services or GNSS), is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Among NSS's flagship products is the StarShadow, a Lighter-Than-Air Unmanned Aerospace System.

Led by subject matter experts representing more than 300 years of combined experience in commercial and military management, defense, engineering, weapon system development, military operations and technology research and development, NSS develops and manufactures technology for employment from Near Space.

The StarShadow is designed to help commercial, state and federal customers obtain satellite-like telecommunications and surveillance capabilities for a fraction of the cost of space-based systems.

Why StarShadow?

Exploiting Near Space has always presented a riddle for engineers:

How can you create an unmanned vehicle that can:

  • remain airborne for long periods of time;
  • reside high enough to avoid ground attacks and weather;
  • hold its position without being tethered;
  • avoid normal space interference;
  • carry a variety of payloads for commercial or governmental purposes;
  • withstand strong winds; and
  • be easily controlled?

Past efforts—including high-altitude airships and cigar-shaped blimps—have either failed, are cost-prohibitive, require too much infrastructure or are stuck in long development cycles.

The patent-pending StarShadow—a two-stage, lighter-than-air, manned or unmanned communications and surveillance vehicle—is the first technology to solve the riddle.

The StarShadow's Primary Benefits

  • The StarShadow costs a fraction of traditional unmanned aircraft and satellites.
  • The StarShadow's superior aerodynamic design results in high performance.
  • The StarShadow can be assembled on site and launched within hours—not days, weeks or months.
  • The StarShadow can carry a wide range of payloads for commercial or governmental purposes.
  • The StarShadow is solar powered and uses no petroleum-based fuels.

The StarShadow's Potential Markets

  • DoD, DHS, Intelligence Community for surveillance, communications (C3), security and navigation

  • DHS, FEMA, Red Cross, etc. for disaster response and humanitarian relief

  • EPA for environmental monitoring

  • Telecommunications providers for bundled comm, data, cellular, HDTV

  • Industry for hyperspectral imaging, security, vehicle and object tracking

  • State and local governments for emergency response, resource management, agriculture news and public service

  • Scientific communities for research

  • International markets and Third World countries for telecommunications

StarShadow further details

For more details about the StarShadow, please refer to the following:

StarShadow Introduction and Overview (Adobe PDF format)